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Fear on Hold

Carnegie Hero Fund

Step into the world of courage, compassion, and resilience with 'Fear on Hold,' a new podcast that brings to life the extraordinary stories of Carnegie heroes – ordinary people who, when faced with life-threatening situations, summoned incredible bravery to save others.

Each episode of 'Fear on Hold' delves deep into the heart-pounding moments where fear and heroism intersect, shining a light on the individuals who have been honored by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. These men and women paused their own fear to come to the aid of strangers in dire circumstances -- whether it's a daring rescue in the midst of a fire raging inside a car, a child plucked out of a swift, cold current, or a harrowing race against a train to remove someone trapped on the tracks.

Whether you're a fan of fantastic storytelling, a seeker of inspiration, or simply intrigued by the complexities of heroism, 'Fear on Hold' is will captivate your heart, expand your understanding of human nature, and leave you in awe of the indomitable power that lies within each of us when fear is put on hold.

Tone: Inspirational, Gripping, Empathetic

Target Audience: Fans of true stories and heroism, and those interested in exploring the depths of human courage and compassion.